Ronnie O'Sulllivan wants to encourage players to participate in the sport at which he is so naturally gifted. He has been very involved in the design of the two piece range – demanding only the best ash to ensure the best possible performance. A combination of real wood splices and exciting decal designs make these cues ideal entry points in to the ROS range.

Riley ROS 2 Piece Ronnie O'Sullivan Snooker Cue - 6

  • Riley ROS 2 Piece Cue - 6


    • Length: 57' (145cm)
    • Configuration: 1/2 Cut Cue
    • Tip: 10mm Elk Master Tip
    • Ferrule: 8mm Brass with a 10mm Diameter
    • Shaft Wood: Ash Shaft 
    • Joint: Standard Spiral Brass Joint
    • Butt Design: Ash Front Splice & ROS Decalised Design
    • Precision Inlay Metal ROS Chamfer Badge
    • Bumper: Leather Bumper
    • Matching ROS 6" Exstension
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